POCA LOU | Power Of Nature Spray -skinfriendly

POCA LOU | Power Of Nature Spray -skinfriendly

VAT Included

This is a wonder spray, made of 100% natural ingredients. 
Use it as a DEO, first-aid-spray for wounds, aftershave spray.
Protected against unpleasant odours for up to 72 hours


free of:
- Parabens 
- Animal-tested

- Fragrances

- Aluminium chloride

- Aluminium zirconium.


Volume 50ml of Alum and mineral water.
TIP: You can refill it with mineral water at the halfway stage. You can repeat this up to 2x.


With the combination of alum and gemstones, your skin gets what it deserves. The gemstones reinforce the power of alum and continuously cleanse the mineral water. 
Alum is a natural salt which lowers the PH value of your skin and thus combats unpleasant odours. It only reduces the size of your pores and does not close them. It is odourless, so it will not interfere with your perfume. 

Deo, aftershave, first-aid-spray in one!


*Energetic gemstone therapy can relieve health problems and support treatment by a doctor. It is not a replacement for medication. In case of serious medical complaints, always contact your doctor.


  • Volume

    50 ml 


    - Rock crystal is known for its healing properties.
    - It can also be used as a first aid with wounds, it stops the bleeding.
    - Can be applied directly after shaving.
    - Helps to prevent sweaty feet.
    - Reduces allergies and prevents rashes.


    - Amethyst raises consciousness level 
    - Stimulates blood circulation 
    - Soothes complaints of headaches, migraines & insomnia.
    - Helps to let go of negative thoughts.
    - Reduces stress


    - Rose quartz helps to combat lung ailments.
    - Has a calming effect.
    - Teaches you to accept yourself.
    - Promotes creativity.
    - Has a positive effect on the sexual organ, increases fertility.


    Amethyst, rock crystal and rose quartz are called the golden triangle. This because they combine their powers and strengthen each other. If you want a big boost, take the golden triangle. They complement each other perfectly. You get love, protection and purification, healing and strength with it.

  • EWG Score

    (based on ingredients)

    SCORE: 1