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Dit ben ik, Malou van Gorp founder of POCA MA LOU. Deze foto maakte mijn vriend van mij, toen we in Indonesie waren, we maakten een prachtige hike naar de Bromo vulkaan. Ik neem je mee op mijn virtuele reis. (Bio foto)
The person behind POCA LOU

I'm Malou van Gorp, living in The Netherlands.

I have a creative mind and a soul that likes to travel. Both physically and mentally. 

From a young age I had an instant click with photography. I started with my parents' analogue and am now very happy with my new Canon 'camera'. 
I like to capture moments that evoke a certain emotion in me.
And I can tell you that happens often. 


I always wonder when I walk through beautiful forests. There I often get the feeling that I have landed in a Disney movie. I get happy from walks on the beach, looking for the most beautiful treasures of the sea. And adventurous mountain hikes inspire me. That euphoric feeling when you've reached the top; it motivates me not to shy away from a challenge.

It will not surprise you; among friends and family I am known for my wanderlust. My favorite thing to do is to discover new places and be inspired.


I would like to take you with me on my virtual journey.

Bon voyage!


Love, Malou 

The begining of POCA LOU

As a small child, I watched the Disney film POCAHONTAS. It was one of my favourites. Later in life I watched it again, and was immediately inspired by the way she looked at the world. Especially the song, Colors Of The Wind. You learn so much of beauty when you look at things from a different perspective.

I have also been inspired by my dear grandmother, She will be 93 this year and still does everything herself. She still cooks fresh food and vegetables every single day. The people I have met during my travels to, for example,  the locals of Indonesia. We can learn a lot from them. They throw away almost nothing, and make the famous nasi out of it. And they take care of themselves with things from nature, herbs and plants. Because there is poverty, they have to make do with what they have.


This has made me think, and develop my own products. Completely sustainable and inspired by rituals from all over the world.
They always say, improving the world starts with yourself, so let me start with that. And I hope that other people follow in my footsteps and get inspired.

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