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Viva Valencia, The Sunny South!

“Flight attendants, prepare for landing please. Cabin crew, please take your seats for landing. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Valencia Airport. Local time is fun O'clock and the temperature is perfect.

Thank you for flying with Poca Air Lines!

This time I will take you to Valencia, the city of Agua de Valencia, great cycling routes and the beautiful Turia Park in the former riverbed. The beautiful architecture and many picturesque spots.

Disfrute y descubra la bella Valencia!


Valencia Tour Guide

Jessica Van De Louw, is one of the few official guides who has been living in beautiful Valencia for years. Under the name The Sunny South, she gives tourists a fun, educational tour where you will encounter both the popular hotspots and the other nice places in Valencia that not many tourists know yet. She also gives great tours during Fallas, a traditional festival in honor of St. Josef that is held annually in Valencia, where you can learn more about this puppet festival. Click here the_sunny_south and book your cool tour with Jessica.

Trust me, you won't regret it. ;)

Cool shops

Flor De Luna

Very nice shop in Ruzafa where you can shop the most beautiful dried flowers and lots of nice accessories for your home. Make sure you book a fun workshops , for example, make your own flower wreath from dried flowers, while enjoying a nice glass of cava.

It is certainly worth taking a look.



Cool clothing store for ladies that you don't have in the U.K. Here you have many shades of beige and beautiful nice prints. Bit of a Spanish style and not expensive. Personally, I really think it's a top store.



Yours Hotel

A hotel straight out of a magazine, a picture to behold. Is regularly fully booked so be quick!


Bars and restaurants

Almaliber Açaí House

If you ask me, this is the best place to have breakfast or lunch.

Enjoy the tastiest Açaí bowls here and choose your favorite topping and grab a refreshing lemonade.


Sorsi E Morsi

Authentic Italian restaurant, here you will find delicious fresh (anti) pastis, fresh salads and tasty snacks.


La Mas Bonita

Delicious cakes that you cannot choose from, you will find them at La Mas Bonita. A restaurant that you will find in the center and on the beach.

It is not only very tasty, but also looks very nice.



A nice bar where you can also eat tasty tapas. So you can spend an evening here while enjoying tasty snacks and drinks.

A drink tip: Vermouth, a fortified sweeter type of wine. Delicious!



A nice restaurant with delicious tapas. Here you can enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine and they have many fish specialties from the Mediterranean sea.

A real taste sensation.


La Senia Taberna

A nice little restaurant where delicious dishes are conjured up with passion. With fresh seasonal products you have delicious dishes.It is located in a cozy alley overlooking a nice square.


Side note: It is wise to make reservations at all restaurants to avoid disappointment.

Things To Do


Let's dance in L'Umbracle (one of the buildings in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciensias), an open-air disco that can be recognized by its skeletal framework in which a garden has been realized. In the summer you can dance between the many palm trees and in the winter you can also party until the wee hours. You will find this hotspot at the end of the Turia Park.


Turia Park

The park is also ideal for a nice picnic. Get something delicious at the Mercado Central and enjoy the beautiful park in the meantime.

The Turia park is a wonderful place to relax or take a Yoga class at yogawithjennison.

A la Playa!

Cycle to the beach and take a refreshing dip. Have lunch at La Mas Bonita and then cycle back to the center at your leisure.

Agua de Valencia

The local drink of Valencia, a delicious blend of Vodka, Gin, Cava and orange juice. Well worth tasting. #Cheers

Albufera Natural Park

At a distance of 10 km from Valencia there is a National Park with a beautiful freshwater lake and the park is even equipped with rice fields.

Mercado Central

It is Europe's largest market for fresh products. Get acquainted with local delicacies here and don't forget to see the beautiful architectural works of art. For example, also look at the ceiling in the middle of the market.

It's not cheap, but it's delicious.


Transport Tips

Valencia Tourist Card

Buy a Valencia Tourist Card if you have decided to use public transport during your visit to Valencia. With this card you have the easiest and cheapest option: unlimited travel for 24, 48 or 72 hours. The card is activated the first time you use it, you can use it as often as you want. The Valencia Tourist Card includes the Valencia-Airport-Valencia route (metro lines 3 & 5), which costs approximately €20 each way by taxi. And you can also use the card to go to the Albufera, Port Saplaya, El Puig, El Saler, Pinedo, Puçol and Sagunto. This card also gives you free access to the municipal museums and monuments. You also benefit from discounts at some tourist attractions and numerous shops in Valencia. As icing on the cake you can enjoy two tapas with a nice free drink.

Click here for more information:

Important tip: Do not check out at the bus or tram.

Download the metro map here:


You can purchase a subscription for bicycles that you can find on almost every street corner. Make it a fun game and come out as cheap as possible. Nice challenge right?

Click here for more information:

Finally some fun facts..

  • People are very proud to live in Valencia. The inhabitants mainly speak Valencian, even on posters and all information from the municipality is described in Valencian.

  • Another fun fact, the makers of the film Batman once sued Valencia FC because they believed their logo was being plagiarized. Little did they know that the logo was used by the football club 20 years before the first Batman film.

  • It is better not to drink the water from the tap.

  • Do not pick oranges from the tree, they are not too "oranges" and hang there for the ambiance.

  • If you still have €1 or 2 pennies, you can still exchange them here.

  • In the cathedral of Valencia you can find 2 works by the artist Francisco de Goya. So don't forget to take a look inside as well.

I think it's time to enjoy Valencia, felices vacaciones! #thankmelater!


© Copyright Malou van Gorp
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